Juan’s Restaurante is a restaurant where you can find the lost-world cuisine of pre-Hispanic Mexico.



Juan’s Restaurante prepares all of its food with fresh ingredients, and is dedicated to serving organic nopales (cactus) and promotion of the health benefits of cactus and healthy eating.

Every dish is freshly prepared to order.

Open Monday – Sunday
8AM – 9PM

NEW! Lunch Buffet 7$
MON-FRI 11am-2pm

FRESH Mexican Brunch Buffet 12$
SAT & SUN 9am-3pm

Catering available for all occasions
(626) 337-8686

In 2010, Chef Juan Mondragon set out to introduce Southern California to the lost-world cuisine of pre-Hispanic Mexico. East of Los Angeles, deep in the Latino community of Baldwin Park, Juan features more than 10 remarkable moles, prepares each dish with fresh ingredients, and dedicates much of his pre-Hispanic menu to organic nopales (cactus). Chef Mondragon revives the methods and traditions of pre-Hispanic cuisine by beautifully incorporating bold and distinct flavors found prior to the Spanish influence into his dishes. His culinary skills are undoubtedly an art, making this rare culinary genre established, with a healthy and authentic approach.


Juan’s Restaurante also features a weekly buffet showcasing different dishes of pre-Hispanic Mexico every Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy Juan’s mole sampler to taste the flavor profiles of all of the wonderful variations. In addition to his renowned moles, Chef Mondragon prepares queso fresco (fresh cheese) and handmade cactus, corn. and whole wheat Chia seed tortillas. Also noteworthy, the Caldo de Piedra (Rock Soup) is both extraordinary in flavor and preparation. The Caldo de Piedra is cooked with fire heated stones, which remains true to the pre-Hispanic method. These items are simply a handful of the treasures Juan’s Restaurante has to offer.


Juan Mondragon has been a customer service expert for more than 20 years, His skills shine through at Juan’s Restaurante, where service and exquisite flavor stand as the top priorities. Please visit our menu pages and galleries, as you can delve deeper into the Pre-Hispanic experience that Juan’s Restaurante exemplifies.